Marie Paget: A pioneer in ethnic beauty

In the early days of her career, there was nothing to indicate that this French woman, originally from Chad, would become one of the greatest ambassadors for ethnic skincare.
A designer, decorator and aesthete, she created a range of skincare products dedicated to darker skin tones.

An idea begins to take shape…

Originally from the wild and breathtaking Tibesti mountains, Marie Paget moved to Lyon and soon became very fond of the creative style of this “city of silk.” As an adolescent, she was already looking for cosmetic products to meet her needs and began thinking about creating a brand that was 100% dedicated to women of color.

Marie Paget studied art, then went on to work for a famous textile design studio: Robert Vernet. Passionate about art, she decided to take over the Maison et Jardin Showroom.

Over the years…

Marie Paget meets Inès de la Fressange.
The boutique opens on Avenue Foch in Lyon.

Drawing on this rich experience, she decided to focus on her initial project: ethnic skincare.

Through her encounters as she visited beauty salons around the world, she was able to learn about and identify the beauty needs of women with dark skin.


As the French market had little to offer in the way of beauty products for dark skin, she decided to create a range of specific products herself.

AMETIS is born

A contraction of the words “L’âme métisse” (the metis soul), Ametis was created in 2004. Its skincare products have been marketed since 2006.

Based on her own personal experience, Marie Paget wants to share her know-how with the women of today.


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