A new formula with an eight-plant complex, even more effective against pigment spots.



Dermatological research and expertise in favor of black beauty. The AMETIS products are based on natural plant-based active ingredients.



For the well-being of your skin and absolute comfort.



An unique expertise relying on radiance, balance, moiturizing and restoration for an immediate well being.

Marie Paget

A pioneer in ethnic beauty

Nothing predisposed this Chadian born Frenchwoman to become one of the best beauty ambassadors for black and mixed race women.

Fashion designer, decorator, aesthete, and beauty aficionada, she launched her own cosmetic brand dedicated to dark skins.

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10 years of research and dermatological expertise dedicated to dark skins.

Presented as a series of different steps composing a beauty ritual,  AMETIS offers to dark skins an unique expertise based on radiance, balance, hydration and repair for immediate well-being.

AMETIS products treat all the specific needs of dark skin types, oiliness, dryness or combination

Carefully selected active ingredients are not only renowned for their ancestral virtues in women’s beauty care: these 100% plant-based, natural ingredients have been combined according to their specific properties in order to optimize the effectiveness of each skin care formula. The resulting plant complexes are under patent.

Products are not tested on animals, and each product has been subjected to stringent controls in order to verify its safety.

Ametis is a natural, ethical French skincare brand, dedicated to dark skin.

A true pioneer of ethnic skincare in France, Ametis draws on age-old traditions and know-how relating to dark skin beauty to create precious cosmetic products formulated with natural botanical active ingredients.

In the beauty industry, product transparency has become an important factor in the decisions of increasingly aware and demanding consumers.

Ametis takes an ethical, natural approach.

Born in Chad, the brand’s founder wanted to draw inspiration from ancestral beauty rituals to develop a range of products based on African biodiversity.

Extensive dermatological expertise.

When dark skin is exposed to environmental aggressions that are different from those in its original ecosystem (such as cold weather, lack of humidity, wind and pollution), it becomes very vulnerable.

Dark skins have specific needs, yet conventional skincare products don’t always provide a suitable solution. Hyperpigmentation and severe skin dryness are phenomena that often affect dark skin – and Ametis uses its expertise to address them. Make-up removers and cleansers, scrubs and exfoliators, mattifying and purifying serums, moisturizing and anti-dark spot creams…

The Ametis range covers all needs, for a radiant complexion and healthy, luminous skin. If you need advice or a skin diagnosis, we’re always here to help.

Ametis works with major French laboratories to develop its products and select its active ingredients.


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