Ametis, the beauty solution for darker skin tones

The World of Ametis, multicultural cosmetics

“Ametis, a multicultural spirit” is how Marie Paget, aesthete, visionary and avant-garde pioneer of ethnic cosmetics, defines the very essence of her brand, which she created in 2004. Ametis, a world in which women’s skincare and well-being are at the heart of her many audacious ventures as well as the numerous innovations launched over the years.

What drives this French woman of Chadian origin to become one of the leading ambassadors of ethnic cosmetics? What motivates this entrepreneur to continue embarking on new ambitious projects related to women’s well-being (food supplements, NGOs…)?

Audacity and determination without a doubt!

When solutions have yet to be created, she shapes and deploys them, adding her bold touch and creative energy. Twenty years ago, the French market offered very few products for women with medium to dark skin tones. She thus decided to explore, design and finally develop an innovative line of targeted cosmetics.

As women’s well-being is the key driving force behind Marie and Ametis, a new project will soon be launched with new teams committed to the same values.

Discover Marie Paget

Ametis, a world of ethnic skincare

The inception of an innovative beauty brand

“The constant increase in mixed races in Western societies requires that we fully rethink the skincare market’s current product offering.”
Marie Paget

Originally from the captivating Tibesti massif located in northern Chad, Marie Paget designed and created one of the first skincare lines that is entirely dedicated to medium to dark skin tones.

This complete and innovative line was inspired by ancestral rituals, requiring several years of research and dermatological expertise in “black beauty” to create Ametis, a brand with a multicultural spirit.

A unique and ethical concept driven by feminine ambition

Ametis offers a beauty care solution to a fundamental need by providing women with natural and highly effective products, suited to their skin types. Boasting an elegant design, these products are formulated with meticulously selected natural plant-based active ingredients.

Ametis products – expert skincare for medium to dark skin tones – are developed fully in line with age-old traditions. They deliver skin and beauty care solutions adapted to all cutaneous problems, restoring radiance, balance and moisture, while repairing damaged skin, for immediate well-being, and long-lasting results.

Ametis offers all women an unrivaled and unforgettable beauty experience, emphasizing the pleasure of the senses and absolute well-being.

Ametis is a committed and responsible brand, where all the natural plant components are combined based on their properties, in order to optimize the effectiveness of each treatment. The plant complexes obtained are patented, with each product rigorously controlled to ensure its safety. Not tested on animals.

Ametis, a vision and core values, for high performance skincare

The vision of a Franco-Chadian creator

A true beauty enhancer, Marie Paget pursues her commitment to support women with passion and determination.

Paying tribute to her Chadian roots and driven by her humanistic values, Marie Paget is expanding Ametis and embracing new projects.

The vision of Ametis, innovation leading to new projects

Hence, the “Ametis Terre et Vie” NGO will soon be operational in Chad, in order to support women (health care dispensary, community gardens, etc.).

For Ametis, providing care means going above and beyond cosmetics, it also means contributing to the overall well-being of women, worldwide.

Values rooted in an active heart

Sincerity, determination, and authenticity, Marie Paget loves the simple values of nature and sharing. Nothing can stop her when she is working on a project that inspires her. Ametis continues to diversify its actions here and on the ground in Africa to improve women’s lives, providing them with greater comfort and well-being!