Brightening Micellar Water

with sea chamomile extract

For soft and radiant skin

Ideal for dark and ethnic skin, the Micellar Brightening Water gently removes make-up from the face, eyes and neck. Exceptionally kind to your skin, this innovative formula moisturizes deep down, to leave your complexion looking radiant and beautiful.

Contents : 250 ml


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Benefits :

Effectively cleanses and moisturizes sensitive skin

The Micellar Brightening Water can be used by all skin types, and is particularly suitable for dark and ethnic skin. Formulated with sea chamomile extract, it moisturizes and soothes, for instant well-being. The exfoliating properties of seawater leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Results: With its fresh, light texture, the Micellar Brightening Water sweeps away impurities. Your skin can breathe, your complexion looks radiant.

Application :

Gentle cleansing for instant well-being

You can use the Micellar Brightening Water every morning to help give your skin a healthy glow. Use in the evening to rid skin of impurities that have built up during the day. Your skin feels soothed and is perfectly prepared for the complementary products in the AMETIS range.

Beauty ritual: Moisten a cotton pad with the Micellar Brightening Water and sweep over the face, eyes and neck. Repeat as many times as required. Removes make-up immediately. No need to rinse.

Composition :

A high-performance formula, rich in natural botanical active ingredients

Dark and ethnic skin types are particularly vulnerable to environmental damage. The Micellar Brightening Water works to balance skin’s moisture levels and help prevent the appearance of blemishes. Made with carefully selected, natural botanical active ingredients, this deep-acting formula contains Alaria esculenta seaweed and Gulf Stream seawater, to protect and remineralize the skin. It also contains sea chamomile, with antioxidant properties.

This cleansing water is formulated with micelles, which trap impurities as you glide the cotton pad over your skin. It cleanses the skin in a single step, to leave it feeling repaired and looking radiant.

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  1. Bibishift

    Love this micellar water! Makes my skin feel nice and clean. Worth the money with all natural plant extracts. Love all Ametis products!

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