Marie Paget was born in Chad, at the heart of the Sahara desert. Very attached to her roots, she adresses all women who, like herself, have high standards when it comes to beauty.

An unique concept

The growing ethnic diversity in Western societies is leading to a fundamental re-thinking in the field of skin care

Marie Paget

Paying very special attention to the ethic through a careful selection of plant-based ingredients, Marie Paget has developed, after four years of research, a skin care brand dedicated to black skins designed with the utmost respect for thousand year-old beauty traditions.

An unique concept

10 years of research and dermatological expertise dedicated to dark skins.

Presented as a series of different steps composing a beauty ritual,  AMETIS offers to dark skins an unique expertise based on radiance, balance, hydration and repair for immediate well-being.

AMETIS products treat all the specific needs of dark skin types, oiliness, dryness or combination.

Expert skin care for darker skin stones

An unique concept

Carefully selected active ingredients are not only renowned for their ancestral virtues in women’s beauty care: these 100% plant-based, natural ingredients have been combined according to their specific properties in order to optimize the effectiveness of each skin care formula. The resulting plant complexes are under patent.

Products are not tested on animals, and each product has been subjected to stringent controls in order to verify its safety.

An unique concept

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