Specific concerns of dark skins

Specific concerns of dark skins

When black skin is exposed to harsh environmental factors that differ from its original ecosystem (such as pollution, UV rays, stress, cold climate, lack of humidity or wind), it becomes highly vulnerable. Here are 3 main issues:


1 – Hyperpigmentation


Dark skin types have more active melanocytes, which produce larger and darker melanin grains. Scars, pimples, blemishes, cuts, burns and especially sun exposure can all lead to hyperpigmentation on the face and body.



2 – Hyperseborrhea


In the dermis, collagen bers are denser and more compact, which makes the skin thicker. A cold and dry climate, as well as stress and hormones, may lead to the appearance of blemishes all over the face, irrespective of age.



3 – Skin Dryness


The skin on the body dries out quickly.Change in seasons, water quality and climate are all acting as drying factor – making the skin rough and grayish.



AMETIS treats all the specific needs of dark skin types, oiliness, dryness or combination.


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