Anti-Dark Spot Treatment

with 8 plant extracts

All skin types

For a brighter, more even complexion

The Anti-Dark Spot & Unifying Intensive Program, with the 8 plants complex, brings together two formulas that act on pigmentation marks on darker skin tones. The combination of the Brightening Serum and Intense White Cream focuses on evening out skin tone, for radiant results after just 21 days.

Contents : 50ml & 30ml


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Benefits :

Intensive brightening care

This 8 plants skin-lightening botanical complex is effective on all skin types. Both products in this intensive program contain this meticulously developed plant complex, which works to reduce the appearance of pigmentation marks and even out the complexion, with a significant skin-lightening effect.

The Brightening Serum helps to correct pigmentation marks and even out skin tone. It also has revitalizing properties, to restore suppleness and radiance. The Intense White Cream, formulated with plant extracts, works to correct imperfections and hydrates the skin.

The Anti-Dark Spot & Unifying Intensive Program is a specific, deep-acting treatment.

Results: A glowing skin with a newfound youthfulness.

Application :

A 21-day intensive program

This 21-day program delivers extraordinary skin-lightening results and offers a scientifically proven reduction in the appearance of dark spots.

The program consists of two products, both containing the skin tone correcting 8 plants complex. They should be applied to clean, dry skin.

Beauty ritual: Pour a few drops of the Brightening Serum into the palm of your hand, then lightly pat into the skin with the fingertips. Follow with a dab of the Intense White Cream, gently massaging into the face to help the active ingredients sink deeply into the skin.

Composition :

High-performance formulas, rich in natural botanical active ingredients

Darker skin tones are particularly vulnerable to environmental damage. This intensive program works to balance skin’s moisture levels and help prevent the appearance of blemishes. Both of these deep-acting products are formulated with carefully selected, natural plant-based active ingredients. They also contain natural botanical ingredients, with grape, mulberry and saxifrage – active ingredients that help to fade pigment spots, which often occur on dark skin. They provide impressive lightening results and help to even skin tone.


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  1. Sandy

    I use both this and the brightening serum each morning after cleansing. The texture of my skin was noticeably different within a few days of first use. After a couple months, my face and neck are softer, smoother, brighter and the dark spots and acne scarred spots are much lighter. I wear far less makeup as my skin is much more even and I have less to hide.

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