Anti-Blemish Treatment

Oily & Mixed skins

For even-toned, purified skin

The Anti-Blemish Mattifying Program brings together two complete skincare formulas that act on blemishes on dark and ethnic skin. The combination of the Purifying Serum and the Hydra Pure Fluid Cream provides intensive action to help detoxify combination and oily skin types. Used together as a 21-day program, they restore freshness to the skin.

Contents : 30ml & 50ml


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Benefits :

A program that combats acne and blackheads

The Anti-Blemish Mattifying Program is particularly suitable for combination to oily skins. By combining the Purifying Serum with the Hydra Pure Fluid Cream, it works to purify the skin and eliminate imperfections.

The Purifying Serum is a corrective formula that helps to prevent the development of acne and clarify the complexion. The Hydra Pure Fluid Cream helps to restore skin’s moisture balance and purify combination and oily skin. Both formulas contain cactus flower, which boasts excellent moisturizing properties and helps to speed up cell renewal, for smoother, firmer skin.

Results: Designed specifically to purify combination and oily skin, this program promotes a pure, matte complexion.

Application :

A 21-day program

The products in the Anti-Blemish Mattifying Program should be applied to clean, dry skin over a period of 21 days, for enhanced effectiveness. By reducing the appearance of blemishes on darker skin, it delivers stunning, visible results.

Beauty ritual: Pour a few drops of the AMETIS Purifying Serum into the palm of your hand then apply to your face, lightly patting into the skin with your fingertips. Follow with the Hydra Pure Fluid Cream. Gently massage over the face so that the formula, with its natural active ingredients, will sink deeply into the skin.

Composition :

A formula rich in natural botanical active ingredients

Darker skin tones are particularly vulnerable to environmental damage. The AMETIS Purity Collection consists of purifying products aimed specifically at oily skin. The Anti-Blemish Mattifying Program combines two deep-acting moisturizing and mattifying formulas made with carefully selected, natural botanical active ingredients: the Purifying Serum and the Hydra Pure Fluid Cream.

Both formulas contain cactus flower – an effective antioxidant with moisturizing and soothing properties that promotes cell renewal, for smoother, clearer skin.

The Purifying Serum contains salicylic acid and azelaic acid, which boast excellent antibacterial properties. They work to repair the cellular tissue of the skin, so it feels smooth and healthy. Azelaic acid also helps to even out skin tone, with a mattifying effect.

The Hydra Pure Fluid Cream, rich in red mandarin and grapefruit essential oils, is particularly effective on oily skin. It exfoliates dead cells and helps to purify the skin. The formula also contains wild pansy – a plant often used to treat acne. It helps to protect the skin and prevent the appearance of blemishes.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love that Ametis gives me ideas on how to best mix my products! I have acne-prone skin and whenever I get a breakout I mix the two of these together and make a serum that I keep on overnight! When I wake up, my skin feels a lot clearer and also super hydrated! The best thing is that I use these two on their own and never knew how well they work together. Definitely going to look at the other options, too!

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